QFH Antenna Mast Drilling Template

Bill Sykes and Bob Cobey have produced of the best home-build designs for a weather satellite antenna on their web site at: QFH Antenna.

Their instructions are easy to follow and the result is a robust QFH antenna that is tuned for the centre of the 137MHz weather satellite band. The only problem I encountered was the mast drilling template which didn’t print at the correct size. Whilst it’s relatively easy to resize the template using graphics software, I thought it might be helpful if I created a correctly sized PDF document to simplify the printing.

Use the link below to download the PDF and, when you print it, make sure your printer is set to print ‘actual size’. You will often find  printers are set to ‘zoom to fit’ or similar but you need to select ‘actual size’ or the printer will resize the printed document.

QFH Antenna Template


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